The Scheme:

As of April 2012 the government are providing insentives for installing solar. The following rates are curently available for installed systems, the rate depends on system size:

4-10 kwp 13.5p/kwh

10-50kw 12.57p/kwh

50-150kw 10.71p/kwh

150-250kw 10.25p/kwh

An additional 4.5p is available for any unused power that is fed back into the grid, however over 30kw a meter is required as well as possibly a "line rental" or "standing charge" which may not make export payments viable.
These prices are linked to inflation and are guaranteed for 20 years.

At the moment prices for commercial systems work out around £1100 and £900 per KW peak installed on a building. Prices will depend on structure, size of the installation, products used etc.. We strongly suggest a full survey to obtain an accurate quote.

In short it works out to be a 10-15% tax free return on your investment.

Each year the government may reduce the FiT. When you install a solar power system, you tie into a contract and this fixes your return and rates for 20 years.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many panels in a KW?
As a rough quide 4 panels = 1 KW. Current technology solar panels are around 250w to 330w each.

How large are solar panels?
Solar panels vary in size a little and depending on the area available will depend on which panels we specify for you. Each panel is around 1.7m x 1m and up to 50mm thick. As an average though each KW uses approximately 8sqm or 86sqft.

I have a very large roof, is it worth me going bigger?
The bigger the better as far as return on investment is concerned. However after the system reaches 4kw the tariff reduces approximately 20%.

I have a flat roof, is this a problem?
Not at all. However this may affect pricing slightly and we will need to do a full site survey.

What's involved in the solar panel installation and will it disrupt me?
The installation typically takes around 1 week however this is mainly due to scaffolding and roof work. We are very courteous and clean and will not invade your home. We are able to work around you and can work in the hours and days that best suit your lifestyle.

Is there any maintenance?
Solar panels can perform less efficiently when covered in leaves, bird mess or thick dust. We recommend that these are looked at at least once a year to ensure the best performance.

What is the warranty?
All our solar power systems come with a 5 year warranty as standard. This can be extended to 10 years upon request.

Do we need to do anything?
We will come to you and do a free no obligation site survey. This will alow us to see your available space and calculate a system for you and estimated returns etc. This can all be done within 30 minutes.

If you choose to go ahead and scaffolding is required we will make all the arrangements.

Once erected it will take between 1-3 days to fit the solar system. We are always tidy, friendly and respectful of your premesis.

Once installed and running we will have a certificate sent to you. With this certificate you are able to contact with your energy supplier to arrange the FIT. We will you supply you with all relevant numbers and forms required. We can even help you fill these in if you wish.

Your energy supplier will confirm and start sending out your cheques.

What is MCS and all these logos you display?
MCS stands for Microgeneration Certification Scheme. It is a European and government run scheme which allows businesses to install eco power generation systems into residential premises and businesses. As well as solar electric there are also wind, hydro and water heating included within this scheme. We undergo regular checks to ensure of quality and workmanship. This means you only get the best service. Being apart of this scheme allows us to install approved systems onto your premesis safely and professionally.
REAL is an assurance scheme which monitors our movements. It allows you as the customer an insurance against us. As OFCOM regulates BT, Virgin and 02 etc, REAL monitors the MCS industry. The benefits of this are that you are completely covered and insured.
NAPIT and NICIEC are regulatory bodies for the electrical industry. They both monitor all the electricians in the UK, we only employ the fully trained and highly qualified electricians.

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