Sunstore Solar Power Installation

Sunstore Solar is part of the Sunstore group. Based In Findon Valley near Worthing, West Sussex the familly run company is a leading specialist in the field of solar electricity and solar panel installation. We supply renewable power systems and solar battery chargers for businesses, domestic and farm use as well as for Caravans, motor homes and boats.

We only install solar electricity systems as we are a specialist company and PV solar panels are our area of expertise. Our services are available across the UK for more specialist installations and East and West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey on residential projects. As a local company we concentrate on providing you with the best possible service. We are MCS approved and the systems we install are eligible for FiT including the Off-Grid systems.

We are specialists in off-grid solar systems which combine battery storage with solar power. This enables you to use more of your free generated electricity. This is known as increasing your self consumption and the end result is a much lower bill from your electricity supplier, if at all! In the same fashion we are able to power properties and buildings where no power is available or desired. All these systems can still take advantage of the Feed In Tariff scheme.

In 2010 the government introduced the FiT (feed in tariff) for homes and businesses. This tariff provides money for every KW unit that is generated (not sold back) by your MCS approved system. This advancement meant that as a homeowner or business owner the investment in solar became a very good idea.

Just to be clear, you receive money for every KW unit you generate from the solar panel system. At the same time as you generate power you can use it for free. And yes, even if you use it for free you still get paid! REALLY! Save on your bills and you still get the income.

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As well as solar installation, Sunstore also sells a range of home solar panels, solar panel kits and solar battery chargers directly. You can visit our shopping site to purchase the following solar products:

12v Solar components, including 12v Solar panels, 6v Solar panels and solar charge controllers
Solar panel kits for caravans, motor homes and boats
Off grid solar power solutions
MPPT charge controllers
Eco insulation
Energy meters
Solar power battery chargers  

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